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QAEngine – Best Question & Answer WordPress Theme

Review : QAEngine theme is a new generation premium Question and Answer WordPress Theme by EngineThemes. QAEngine is developed over full-width layout design while fully focused on content. The concept of this theme development came into developers mind when they found a market need of knowledge sharing platform. There are many websites developed with forum style platform where people can discuss topics using thread system, but with Question and Answer theme it comes easy to post question and get short and quick reply. The features of this premium child theme are suitable for all type of users, those who are either regular internet users or those who have advance knowledge.

EngineThemes is well known for it’s ability to developed special niche targeted themes for WordPress CMS. QAEngine theme can surely help you convert a regular WordPress website or blog into fully advanced question and answer website where you can maintain an active and dynamic community. When users will arrive on your QnA website they will have to either Login if they are current users and Sign Up if they are not registered. Once Login or Registration process is finished they can start using your website soon. The theme looks professional with clean background area but at the same time it also looks stylish when you draw your attention on colorful header, buttons, title.

The QAEngine WordPress Theme provides various features and elements to create strong platform for user engagement, apart from posting questions users can also participate in voting campaign, question discussion or share existing content. EngineThemes provide this template in full responsive platform so people using mobile phone will get best experience as if they are viewing from PC. There will be large number of users who might be coming from Tablet or Smart phone devices and in this type of situation it becomes necessary that your site works on all these modern devices.

Custom Point and Badge system : To increase users participation QAEngine WordPress Theme comes with point and badge system and administrator can handle it as per their own decision. This system will provide specific points to the users for certain actions and they will also lose points for particular task. Upon reaching huge sum of points user can gain more privileges or special badge to indicate their unique roles. The privileges or badge allotment is defined by admin user with given settings from the back-end.

Post A Question : The QAEngine theme comes with flexible design so the process of posting a question or replying answer to any question can go easily. Upon login into account the user will find “Ask A Question” button on the left side right on front-page. The question form is made of custom fields to specify category, question title, tags, full question box etc. The list of category is defined by the website owner or administrator which depends on the website niche. Next to each question you will be able to read total views, answers and votes in featured creative style. The EngineThemes programmers have given a special box at the bottom of each question page so that registered members can reply with text or URL. User will find tabs button to find latest questions, unanswered questions and finally questioners will have privilege to select best answer and mark it with special tag called “The accepted answer”.

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QAEngine Standard Features Review :

  • User Profile Page : Find details for total points collected, questions and answers
  • Introduction page : Add small welcome message with Login and Signup buttons
  • Category filter buttons to find questions from selected niche
  • Widgets : Popular tags, Hot questions
  • Responsive for mobile screens
  • Ask A Question : A special button which takes user to the question form
  • Badge and Point system
  • Special counter next to each question for Vote, answer & view
  • Blog page : Display entries with author featured image in round shape
  • Contact page : Google map, Custom text area
  • Search widget : Placed on center position of header
  • Menus and Logo space on header
  • Pagination mode to browse through old questions
  • Developed from latest Fullscreen design
  • User profile page with details : Questions, Points collected, Answers
  • PDF theme package provided
  • Support forum to find solution from professionals
  • Comments feature to leave remarks on questions and answers

Price Plan :
QAEngine Theme Only : $49

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