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Bloggie WordPress Theme is a premium minimal blogging theme from Themify. Bloggie Theme uses is advanced power to increase the uniqueness of your blog, the list of best feature is included the theme options page. For the bloggers who prefer to work on content rather than design and other technical tasks, it’s perfect choice for them. The color, widgets and layout options make it possible to develop best homepage of your choice. For the web designers and individual people there is a great chance for improvement in all direction as needed. Threaded comments is one of the most favorite feature for every blogger who supports user discussion over their articles.

Bloggie Key Features Review

Featured slider on the homepage of Bloggie WordPress Theme is ready to highlight images based on selected categories, there is no extra plugin required for slider to work efficiently. For the common WP users theme options page shows user friendly controls for slider and all the customization areas, so leave the tension for looking and programmer or coder. Top of the homepage presents logo of personal choice, the options page has uploader to add the image which can be added or deleted any time you want. There are 4 widgets space on footer section and 6 other on homepage sidebar and header.

With the support of  custom widgets given by Bloggie Theme of Themify, you are fine to show twitter, flickr streams, recent posts / comments and more. The theme has visual CSS editor which is most critical part for web programmers or designers who wish to work with CSS codes. There is an XML file to add sample data on your website, hence you never need to add content instead of customization which should be first task for any website. The framework of Themify shows all the core settings like adding favicon, logo, footer or header codes. The layered PSD file of the template makes it easy when you wish to modify design used in this premium blogging theme.

Sidebar widget of Bloggie WordPress Theme is made of dual column design so, as an administrator you will find it more flexible to add multiple banner or custom widgets. Homepage look is simple as regular blogs, the post updates are highlighted on homepage with latest post on the top of the page and featured images generated from articles. “More” button shows limited words on excerpt view, this increase the chance of showing extra posts on homepage and it also brings best SEO result to index articles instead homepage.

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Themify Bloggie Review of Features:

  • Custom WP menu
  • Select alignment and image size
  • Skins variation for unique look
  • CSS styling feature
  • Add XML file for custom CSS sheet
  • Header banner widget
  • Product support for lifetime
  • Updates for compatibility
  • New WP platforms support

Price :
Standard : $39.00
Developer : $69.00 (Get All Themes)

OFFER – buy 1 get 1 free

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